Audio Overlaps: selecting which clip plays

When I slide one audio clip over another, it always overlaps the first. Subsequently, the overlapped region of the first clip is muted. How can I ‘underlap’ clips that I slide across, so that the first clip takes priority in playback? Alternatively, how do I select which clip sounds/takes priority?

The info given in the online manual doesn’t make sense/work:

“Open the context menu for the audio event in the event display and select the desired event or region from the To Front or Set to Region submenu.”

Do I open the context menu by right clicking an event? If so, there’s no “to front” or “set to region” submenu.

“Use the handle in the middle of a stacked event and select an entry from the pop-up menu that appears”.

No handle appears when I move the mouse over the overlapped area. Please help.


In Audio, only one Audio Part/Event could be played back. To change, which one is played back, click to the “arrow down” button, which appears at the bottom centre of the Audio Event, if you hover over it.

Wow, that works beautifully! Thank you so much Martin! :smiley: