Audio Part Behaviour Changed ???

Hi there,

´just have encountered that the bevaviour of an audio-part has changed to be just like that of an audio-event (priority-wise) … that means that now (for the first time since Cubase has audio!!) even an empty audio-part mutes the preceding event or part!!! I really do hope that i have missed something in the preferences - cause for me this absolutely doesn´t make sense as a part should only be a container.

Let me clarify one possible consequence of this:

assume you have a repeating pattern with any ( let´s say quarter-note ) upbeat at the beginning - you put this, let´s say 4 measure pattern into an audio part - for the upbeat you extend the part 1 whole measure in the front for easier handling on the project grid … now - if you wanna repeat this without the extra measure at the top cutting of a whole measure of the end you have to glue the parts together …

I don´t see ANY benefit in this new behaviour and can only assume this was a little accident that sneeked in alongside with the lane/ comping features been implemented … ???

Your opinions?


Try changing Preferences -> Editing -> Audio -> “Treat Muted Audio Evens Like Deleted”

´tried that already - doesn´t make a difference … though thanks for your reply