Audio part can't edit

I took a recorded song, and made an independent repeating loop of just the head to practice and record midi drums to… Then I went to the audio track and dleted all but the head. I copied and pasted multiple copies to match the number and length of times I played the cycle. I glued all the parts together , and they play in sync with the midi track. So I wanted to trim off a bit from the last copy, but in the editor, they are not glued and if I click the last one to open, there is nothing there. I think I need to bounce selection, but if I choose replace events, will it wipe out the original song? I am unclear.


As you said correctly, this is an Audio Part, not an Audio Event. Double-click the Audio Event in the Part to open the Sample Editor. Or select the Audio Part and go for Bounce Selection.

What do you mean there is nothing there? On your screenshot we can see the event very clearly in the lower zone, with the last one being selected. Put your mouse over the last event in the lower zone and trim it there with the handles, that will appear.

What I meant was that when I expanded the window by pressing the arrow at the upper right to have the bigger view, then it was empty and only the first part was visible, scrolling back to the beginning.
Several times I tried and it was empty. then I put that aside while waiting for a reply to work on some other things. Yesterday I had everything working, able to hear all the parts aaudio and midi through the TD50x . A Steinberg tech helping on a problem could hear aslo.
Today, doing nothing different I hear no midi except that directed to be played by the TD-50x. Went back to Stuido live and got nowhere there. Back from fully functioning one day to dysfunctionl and I don’t know why, today.

But after your reply I went back to this simpler project, and now when I open to the larger screen it wa no longer blank. I did nothing different, and don’t undertand the inconsistencies I am having, but now I could aslo click on it in the lower and get the sample editor which I wasn’t getting before. Once I got that at I could do the operation.