Audio Part Editor Help (no quantize?)

Hey all – I’m hunkering down and really trying to learn the details of Cubase so I can improve my writing workflow and hit another strange snag…

Because I tend to do a lot of edits and creation of beats using audio events, I realized I need to better utilize the “Events to Part” functionality when I begin arranging so I have nice blocks to move around. I found this to be very useful but just noticed that when I open a part in the Audio Part Editor, there is no quantize functionality – only milliseconds (1, 10, 100, 1000) are available. Am I missing something? The manual says that “editing is the same as the project window so refer to those sections of the manual”, and I see the quantize menu item to change times, but this does nothing.

I have a very hard time believing this is by design! Why would they remove quantize functionality from within this window? As it stands, if I have a part that I want to duplicate and change slightly, I have to copy it, dissolve the part, make my edits, re-select the new events and hit Events to Part again, which is a lot of work for something simple like hi hat switch-ups.

Help? Thoughts? I thought Audio Parts were my savior but I’m worried I’m wrong.


Google, FTW! A user on the old Cubase forums had the same problem.

Essentially, because it’s a separate timeline, you have to right-click on the part editors timeline and select “Bars+Beats” otherwise it just defaults to seconds.