Audio Part - Snap to Grid Issue

Hi guys,

I’m using Cubase 6.5 (32 bit) on Windows 7.

I’ve come across this issue before but somehow seemed to sort itself out :confused:

Anyway, I am experiencing this issue, again, across various projects.

The Snap-to-Grid function IS active. The start of the audio snaps fine, the end of the audio ever-so-slightly overlaps the grid.

I may have overlooked an option somewhere but I cannot figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Whats the problem?

I don’t want it to overlap at the end of the sample.
I want it to snap the end of audio to the grid so the piece of audio is snapped exactly in the ‘box’ I want it.

I may not have explained that very well, so I hope you get what I mean!?

well if the part is longer than the grid space then if you snap the end the front will be wrong.

Either cut the part to the grid (snap to zero off) or use the timestretch tool

Even when cutting it leaves it the smallest amount over. Confused!
I don’t want to use the timestretch function on this sample.

As stated, turn snap to zero crossing off before cutting or sizing.

Sorry, I overlooked that.

Thanks Split, I’ll give that a try tonight and report back. That makes perfect sense, though!

on a related note, is there a way to snap the start of a part to a bar with a function/keystroke? or do i have to “hold” the part every time with the mouse and then let go for it to “snap” to the grid.

would be nice if there was a function for snap to bar for parts…?


You just change the grid-behaviour from relative to events.
That’s it. It’s a little button in the top of the screen that looks
a little bit like #.

Tried this but it didn’t have any effect on my problem :cry:

Will give that a try too. Thanks mate :wink:

doh. of course. hit the Q button! for some reason i thought this only worked for notes in midi parts but you are 100% right. hitting Q jumps an audio part to the bar too. thanks


click the grid icon on the top next to “snap on/off” and choose “grid+events+cursor”
now it will snap to every grid, front or back of audio