Audio Parts how do you use it?

I never understood how to work with grouping event using the glue tool.
I tried several time, I admit i didn’t put more thoughts into it as it didn’t look practical and eratic. So I woulder what is the use of it and if you guys do anything with it ?
Main problems I had are :
once glued, if you dblclic to open the glued element it’s very hard to localize them because zoom is completely random (like most zooms and view focus in nuendo).
if using multiple lanes view it is even more problematic. (no function to hide empty lanes (!))
some fades are always randomly removed and sometimes colors are changed.
Also “unglue” is not a function I found so I have to copy paste events back to timeline with more problems.
Anyway… I’m working on big sound design session with 30 lanes on multiple tracks and it would be usefull to have a “glue” function that could look like a realy advanced multilayer edit window within the nuendo’s main window…

You’re referring to Audio Parts. This was how comping was done in older versions of Nuendo and Cubase.

You can “unglue” the events by selecting Audio > Dissolve Part.

I’ve edited the title to avoid confusion, since Event grouping is something else entirely.

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Imagine the part as a container for events.
The events keep their relative position.
So it’s possible to move them around or edit them as a “part” of the project.


But isn’t that redondant with Edit - Group ?
I would see the container as an advanced function that helps you dive in a second edit layer (a dream within a dream like) but then behaviour is so eratic from what I listed that I don’t see the point really.

Romantic TP thanks for “Dissolve Part” below I did glue, and dissolve always resulting in problems with crosfades :
before (all events on same lane)
parts before

glued :
parts glued

disolved :
parts disolved

I mostly use the glue tool to combine midi events into one event. The odd time I use it for audio is when I want to get rid of a cut I do t want anymore.

but glue for midi is really another thing. it just combine 2 events.
the glue tool with audio creates a container in wich you can “dive in” and normaly you see there the events you glued together as they wer originaly (not the case in my exemple and every time I use this tool) to let you do extra edit there (?) i guess because it’s so not working for me that’s why I was asking people how you use it ?
If just to “stick” events together and move around the Edit - Group is enough.