Audio Performance - Average Load Peaks

i am on Cubase 10.5 and of late the software seems to send an Average Load Peak every time I play a session under mix situation. about a 100 Tracks(stereo-mono combined) and mostly stock plug-ins used other than a few Plug-In Alliance, Waves ones… Started SubMixing tracks to reduce track count and Processing used but to no vain. I am on an i7 Mack book Pro with 2.5 GHz Processor & 16 Gigs of Ram. Has been a breeze until now, but yes the situation persisted even back then with version 10 and a well loaded session(plug-ins and track count). Should this be a matter of concern at this point when one chooses to Mix and the primary software throws up such tantrums at the user. I agree if the session was super heavy with weird third party plug-ins and the track count over 100/150. Have been reading many users with the same issue, why isn’t Steinberg addressing this issue and speaking up for it. Do the geeks @ Steinberg even read these posts ?
Come on guys help the loyal users

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Have you tried to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?

How is your ASIO-Guard settings (on or off)? Could you try the other option?

Hey Martin, thanks for the hand, but yes my Buffer is @ 2048, ASIO GUARD is ON and @ High Mode, Also my Audio Priority is Set to BOOST. WiFi Off on the comp i am using CuBase for the Mix and most of the Applications that i can imagine have been killed so that they dont run in the background and consume CPU power. Despite all these checks, it still chooses to Peak the average load and the audio keeps cutting off. So saying i started disabling plug-ins one by one and minimised all reverbs used in the sessions by taking off as many and converting it to Send-Return type on groups. A wee lil better then but still, my session doesnt have a huge load for this Average Load to be peaking in every second