Audio Pitch & Warp Problem

When I use ‘pitch and warp’ to sort any slight pitch problems, I can no longer audition the audio when I click on the offending segment. This only happened recently as all was fine before.
Any thoughts/advice most welcome.
Tuss :confused:

As posted here many times already:

  • Make sure “acoustic feedback” is activated
  • Your routings are correct
  • The corresponding preferences are set correctlky according to your routing and setup

Use the search function

Thanks for your reply Thinkcap…much appreciated. I will check as you suggested when I get back to Cubase as on holiday at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi Thinkingcap,

I’ve checked my settings and acoustic feedback is on but still no audio when I click on segment? You mention routings? My audio plays back fine as does all areas except the Pitch & Warp.

Thanks for any further thoughts and/or help.



maybe turn up the audition fader?

Would you know where I could find the audition fader? Thanks.

The audition fader is beside the audition loop button, which is right next to the audition play button! :wink:

all in all its the audition section in the sample editor.

Thanks for the suggestion Discoworks. I’ve checked the volume fader and it was already up, still no joy unfortunately…