Audio playback ahead of cursor

Here’s the issue:

Say i am mastering SFX, specifically, a thunderclap.

  1. I hit play and hear the thunderclap
  2. About 60ms later the cursor reaches the start of the thunderclap in the waveform graphic

The issue makes editing troublesome, especially if I’m hunting for fine detail while working on SFX.

I did not have this problem with Cubase 7 and 8, only 9.

Is there a setting I’m overlooking? Any advice?

If I understand the material I’ve found on other threads, other people are experiencing general cursory latency — sluggish response to clicks and movement. I do not have that issue.

Here are my system specs:

Cubase 9.0.20
MacBook Pro Mid-2014
2.5 GHz i7
16 Gb RAM
NVIDIA Geforce GT750M 2Gb
Running off internal and external SSDs
Focusrite Clarett 8pre

Changing buffer size does not make a difference