Audio Playback Cubase Pro 11

Windows 10, Scarlett 18i20 Gen 3. Cubase 11 Pro

Every project that I open now will not playback audio unless Cycle is enabled; when it is enabled the audio is ahead depending on how far the Right Locator is positioned. It’s been several days since I worked on a project so I do not remember exactly what I may have clicked or changed. Would anyone know perhaps of a previous post with this issue resolved? There have not been any system updates and I tried deleting Cubase preferences but no change. I’ve searched online for a couple of hours and found similar posts but their suggestions have not worked in this situation:

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Thank you in advance!


Have you tried to start Cubase in the Safe Start Mode and Disable the preferences, please?

Well, I installed updates available for Cubase and Focusrite Control for the interface and it fixed the issue. Thanks for that tip though!