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Hi, I am using an SSL 2+ audio interface through my PC, which has my monitor speakers connected to it. I would like to switch playback to my Bose system which is connected to my PC. Really dont know how to do this! Seems I can only currently listen to my projects back via the SSL interface either through the monitor speakers or headphones which are both connected to the SSL. On top of that, I dont fully understand the creation of new ports in Cubase so would love some guidance before attempting anything! Many thanks


You can use one ASIO driver only in Cubase. The only way is to use ASIO4ALL and glue the devices.

Thanks Martin.
I have switched the driver to ASIO4ALL and still nothing from the Bose speakers. Not sure what you mean by ‘glue’. In the audio ‘control panel’ in CB, I can see the Bose system but to the right it says ‘inactive’ even though the power for them is on. The SSL says ‘active’. Cant see a feature where I can make the Bose active. Any thoughts?


The “gluing” must be done on the ASIO4ALL Control Panel.

Im thinking you have to go to your system settings on Windows and change the audio driver there to BOSE which will then show up in Cubase as available. .

The Bose doesn’t need a driver per se as far as I know. Mine doesn’t here with a Companion5 system. Im on a Mac but the concept is the same.

ASIO4ALL is to replace the system audio driver for Windows

I think Martin is on PC so he may know more than me


No, I’m on Mac.

ASIO4ALL doesn’t replace the system driver. It’s a virtual ASIO driver, where you can choose any audio driver/device and wrap it to the ASIO4ALL. You can also combine multiple audio drivers within the virtual ASIO4ALL driver.

I’m not sure, if the devices are synced within the ASIO4ALL. I haven’t found any official information about this on their web page. Some choices say the devices are synced, some voices say, they are not.

On Mac we are using Aggregate Device.

I think Windows loads up the driver for the BOSE automatically.

Im thinking he still needs to change that to the BOSE int he Windows system settings.

I have no way to check here as my Windows laptop is hosed here

I have to switch back and forth here on the Mac though. I don’t use the Aggregate

Many thanks,
I’ll try a few things in Windows. Just wondering whether to disconnect my SSL interface so as not to give my PC the option of defaulting onto it. Not sure CB will like that though! Might confuse the existing bus setup for the SSL.

Try it

The other way to go is hardware. I use this, but there are others from Mackie and Heritage audio that are similar.

Here’s a recent article by Hugh Robjohns on the topic:
Monitor Controllers