Audio playback problems with Cubase LE5 with Zoom R8

Hi Guys,

I am having problems with my LE5!

When playing back I cannot hear anything, absolutely no audio.
I have the VST Connections set up as per the Zoom Instructions and the ASIO driver is set as teh ZOOM R8 too.

This is driving me nuts as I’ve been trying to fix this for 2 days solid now!


I am running on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance.

You will need to monitor through the Zoom R8 as all audio will now be routed via that thing!


thanks for replying, I am monitoring through the Zoom and not getting anything!

I am set tp USB-AUDIO I/F-CLASS -VAC2.0
listening with head hpnes!

I don’t really know, I assume you have a track in Cubase you are trying to play?

And that track is actually playing in Cubase ie the meters are moving? and the output connections are setup right?

yup, track is in there, monitors in cubase are moving output connectors are set up as per the zoom manual.

I am close to throwing the thing out of the window, the tracks are all there as I have used the same file and mixed down using Sony ACID. CUBASE is driving me crazy

I have a zoom R16. It does play back through the R16 but I need it to play out through the computer…especially when not connected to the zoom… When I go to vst connections and look for my soundcard, it isn’t listed. what do I do?

VST Connections is where you setup busses in relation to the device selected under Devices -> Device Setup… -> VST Audio System -> […] ASIO Driver. (If the Zoom ASIO driver is selected but the device not present…)

I have never used a sound card with Cubase, but try the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver.

For more details on these topics, see the Operation Manual for Cubase.