Audio Playback Settings Challenges

So I recently upgraded from Wavelab Pro 9.5 to Wavelab Pro 11. After completing the upgrade I discovered that ANY time I import an audio file of a different resolution that what I used last I have two tweak the audio settings in Wavelab and the settings in my audio card. If I don’t then I get the “The audio device output could not be set to this sample rate: xx,xxx Hz” Error pop up.

Even worse, if I have an instance of Wavelab open on my DAW it completely disables ANYTHING from playing any kind of audio unless I terminate my instance of Wavelab.

What the hell happened with this upgrade? Is this some crazy setting that I can change? If this is some sort of “feature” than I think that I may need to roll back to 9.5.


Go for the latest WaveLab Pro 11.2 first…
This sound strange have been working with WL Pro 11.2 for long time
and to switch between 44.1, 48, 88 or 96 kHz no problem at all
What audio device and is digital sync from outside involved ?
OS is PC or Mac ?

regards S-EH

This is not at all usual.

What audio device and ASIO driver are you using?

With the instance of WL holding the driver, see if you have Release Driver When WL Pro Is In Background checked

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I guess you were using the MME driver in the past. This is a low quality audio driver but with the advantage of doing sample rate adaptation transparently.
This driver is no longer supported in WaveLab 10/11. The solution is to use a device with a good ASIO driver. Apparently, this is what you are lacking.
What is your audio device?

Another solution, is to have the resampler plugin always active in the Master Section, to 44 or 48 kHz, according to your device.

No need for digital sync. I move digital recordings to the workstation externally and play them from dedicated file storage.

This the Audio Device in Wavelab Pro 11.2:


It is the only device that WL 11.2 sees. I am simply using the realtek drivers on the workstation

This is an awesome reply and just fixed one of my two problems. Thank you!

Now to find the settings that lets me open and playback masters at any resolution without having to manually change settings every time!

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Yes, this device lacks an internal 3rd party audio card as I never needed it before. I only run live 2-4 track ambient field recordings that I monitor through a headphone amp and a pair of Sennheiser HD700.

Are you suggesting that I buy an internal audio card? I don’t mind doing that if it fixes this issue.

External, not internal.

Any recommendations? I have a pretty beefy workstation and can ride on a USB 3.2 or USB-C.

My recommendation is always RME.
But that’s PRO stuff, not the cheapest.


Thanks, I’ll look at some of their cards. Cost really isn’t a gigantic issue