Audio player

Is it possible to add an audio player where you can just browse a folder and play music without having to create a track and import files?
Is this too weird?
Very useful for rehearsing and playing over any song with the possibility of adding effects…

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That would be a great idea if it could be used for playing background music between sets - currently using Bluetooth from my phone. Being able to play the contents of a selected folder would be brilliant. Maybe a playlist later on?

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… yes, that’s cool. It’s already on the list :slight_smile:



oh wow! In some cases for pre-concert background “entrance” music I got interested too :slight_smile:


New Song, import audiofile…? Playing background music is then just 1 click on the Part Play item.

That would work for the odd track but if an hour of music is needed it’ll be cumbersome. Also the music needed may be dependant on the show/venue so not always the same.

When the player is implemented could it play MP3?

Yeah, I don’t say it’s impossible to do, but agree with @CliveJ that:

But just don’t feel it’s a must have…… rather some idea for future one
If talking about seriously, I would rather blame WindowsOS how it handles audio-devices…. (E.g under macOS I can just run a VLC player play some folder through the very same audio-device with a running e.g.: VSTLive. That seems problematic under WindowsOS)

Yup, not a “must have” and you’re right about VLC as an option (damn - why didn’t I think of that?)

But if VL is going to run the show then the feature would be a good inclusion and save swapping between apps.

Just spitballing - Perhaps it could be made to fade and stop when you hit play on a song. Possibly the ability to control it from LiveMods (ie offstage - change track, start/stop etc) would also be useful.

Hi! my problem was simply the fact that under WIN, I have to close VL, open VLC - play, close VLC, open VL for concert/gig :sweat_smile: so I just ended doing this. But I meight doing something wrong…

@fkalmus - The Windows issue may be solved with VbCable from - you can output VLC to it and then take that output into a stack in VL. It’s Donateware and you can try before you buy. I’m using it with Sonobus (freeware) to push audio from VL on Mac into FreeStyler on Windows for sound to light over a wireless network. I also use a MIDI track in VL for light control using CME Wireless MIDI. So many wires I now don’t have to plug in!


I use it that way in Windows 10 I open VL then VLC and use both but it would be great to have it all inside VL plus we could play that playlist through any effect chain we want and play sounds over it…

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AFAIK, you have to select only one audio driver in VL and other Windows applications so how would you connect VB-Cable to a Stack when another driver is already in use?

VbAudio matrix?

Another solution(free) → Give Academy - ODeus ASIO Link Pro Patcher
Though VLC doesn´t require low latency driver, so maybe just use WASAPI for it and ASIO for VL