Audio playing at lower pitch in Cubase 5 Essentials

I’m trying to mix a 17 track live gig recording in Cubase 5 Essentials and after i’ve imported all the wav files, the audio on all tracks is pitched lower when played back. Tempo is also slower but I can speed this up.The audio though is still out of tune from original.
The audio files are Broadcast Wav Files 48Khz 16 bit.
I have a free copy of Cakewalk Sonar XI LE which plays back the audio files no problem.
I’m used to Cubase though and would prefer to use this.
Any help appreciated.

Check the sample rate. Maybe your session in Cubase is in another sample rate.

Fantastic! That’s sorted it. Have changed the sample rate in Project Setup from 44khz to 48khz. Have never had to change that before.
Thanks for the help.

Great news! I’m glad to help!