Audio plugins in Audio editor possible?

Hi everyone.
Is it possible to apply process using VST 3 plugins in the audio editor for a time selection ?

Wavelab 11.0.20

Yes of course. Use the “render in place” option.

Hi @PG1 , thanks for reply. i see there is the render tab , but where do i apply and audio plugin to my selection. i cant find a way to do that!

Hope with the screenshot gets more clear what i am trying to achieve.
Lets say i want to use a specific plugin for that small selection.

Ok i think i get it. i need to add the effect to the master section and then using the in place function it will render in place the effect. ok, ill say its a bit different from what i´m used to with iZotope but works . Thanks for your help

Yes. Be aware of the settings that allow you to hear the master section section both before and after processing and/or bypass the master section so you’re not hearing the processing twice. It’s a little tricky to manage but for the Audio Editor, the only place to really insert plugins is in the Master Section.

The Audio Montage (my preferred place to work) is more flexible due to the use the Clip Effects and other things, but is not always the best place to do spot processing of heavy CPU plugins.

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I agree. Im an audio montage guy too most of the times but recently i started using more the editor, in version 11 things got more exciting there for me hehe.

Since you both here, is there a way , in the audio editor, when in MS mode to select only a portion of the SIDE ? in the spectral view using the rectangle selection it selects both MID and SIDE. Any way i can change this ? Sounds a bit odd i know but for sound design purposes it would be great :smiley:

I had to try it myself since I’ve never done it so there could be a better way, but see my image to see what happens when you right click:

1 H and 2 H makes the trick! thanks! This is great.