Audio plugins on Midi Tracks

Would it be possible to add Audio plugins to Midi tracks, as in Ableton Live?

For now, it is only possible for Audio tracks.

What do you mean exactly?
When you assign a plugin to a MIDI track output, the plugin creates an audio channel in the mixer (select “e” on the “Song 1” channel to see those). There, you can add audio inserts and sends. You can also see the audio fader in the MIDI tracks’ Inspector/Fader.

Ho sorry thank you.
Is it normal that the “e” is not visible on the inspector ?

Yes, no space :slight_smile:

Maybe you could add a tab for this ? like in the below screenshot ? :


We’re thinking about something similar, thanks.

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… we’ve added “Audio Inserts” and “Audio Sends” tabs to the MIDI Inspector when an Instrument was loaded. Next Update.


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