Audio Pool - Feature Request, refresh files

It would be nice in this day and age of the Cloud, that while the DAW is open and a project is loaded, that if a file in the Pool is replaced or updated, that the Project does not need to be closed in order to be using the latest version of the file.

Something like a “Replace Audio File” command, that can be applied to an event on an Audio Track?

@emotive , I hope you know you have Rescan when right-clicking a folder. So you basicly asking for a single file rescan?

Ahh, sorry, I was referring to MediaBay earlier.

But regarding the pool, when you do what you described above, it’s actually kind of hacking the workflow that was designed by the devs.
What you should do is bring the new version of the audio into the pool, select and drag it over one of its older edits (events) in your project window; before releasing it, hold the Shift key and release.
At this point you will be presented with a question:

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 9.33.21

In your case, you will probably want to select All. I use it a lot both ways.

Hope it helps.
All the best,