Audio Pool: files show as used - but they are not

I am trying to create clean templates and backups from a project. After deleting all audio in the project, I can use “remove unused media” in the Pool and it generally works as expected. BUT I am left with a small set of audio files that claim they are “used” (see screenshot) despite being nowhere in the project? I checked hidden tracks etc, they are not there. There seems to be no option to from a pool audio clip to the indicated instances where it is being “used”? I want to delete those remaining files. Any suggestions?

Hi FOUND and fixed it myself: these are VERSIONS of audio tracks. I deleted the currently selected and visible audio track versions, but there were earlier track versions which were invisible. I had to switch each audio track through its version, then delete in project window, then use “remove unused media”.

Question though: any way of identifying those audio files in the pool? To make life easier?

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I got caught with the exact same thing last week - it would be kind of cool if Cubase could tell you which Track Version they were used in but maybe this would be a lot of work. At least it does tell you where they are on the timeline so you can go looking through the versions.