Audio Ports are Gone

Everything was working fine when I last shut down Cubase five days ago but, today, when I launch the program and attempt to load a project, I get an error, “Missing Ports.”


When I look at Studio > Audio Connections, all of the input and output ports say “missing port” and the selection boxes offer no options.

If memory serves, the Control Room looks like it should. However, clicking on any of the ports reveals a drop-down that simply says “not connected.”

Needless to say, when I play a project, whether it’s mono, stereo, or surround, there’s no movement on the meters and no audio.

The problem appears to be isolated to Cubase. Other programs that use the same device inputs/outputs (e.g., WaveLab, Resonic) exhibit no such problems.

Any ideas? The only change I’ve made to my computer since I last shut down Cubase was an apparent Windows Update (KB4601319) that I don’t recall allowing, but there it is.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Did you check which audio driver is active in the studio setup?
Just an idea.


This happens when the configured audio device is not available (sombody call this situation “not connected”)

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If for some reason the Aurora wasn’t connected when you opened Cubase then you are probably running on a generic driver. Go to studio and audio and make sure you have the asio driver for the Aurora selected. Not the generic one. If it is not in the list then Cubase is no longer seeing it for some reason.

Cubase always remember the last driver so you do have to manually change back if it was lost for some reason

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Sure enough, when I checked Studio Setup… > VST Audio System > ASIO Driver, it said “No Driver.” When I changed it back to ASIO Lynx, everything came back perfectly.

Thank you!!!

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Glad you got it sorted :+1: