Audio problem with Dorico+Cubase

Hi. I’ve had an issue with both Steinberg products: Cubase Demo and Dorico Elements

The issue is that when I boot either one of these programs, I am unable to use other programs and listen to audio while they’re open. They interrupt the audio coming from every other program (for example, Youtube videos suddenly stop and display “Please restart computer, audio interrupted”) and I cannot have multiple audio programs open.

This problem does not happen with Ableton, Sibelius, Reason, or anything else…

I really want to fix it because I would like to use these programs more but it definitely discourages me from using them. I have to say they’re probably my favorite programs at this point in terms of enjoyment opening them, but not being able to have multiple programs open, or leave videos running makes it kind of a pain opening them so I tend not to.


Any advice?

After fiddling around with audio drivers for a while I’ve finally got it to work. You can just ignore this one.

I have the same issue. :frowning:
What was the solution for you, please write it to me here. Which audio driver worked for you?
I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop with default built-in audio, Windows 10 and Dorico 3.5 SE.
Thank you!