Audio Problem

Hi all,

I have a strange audio problem with Dorico, which may be related to an application freeze I had.

I’m using NotePerformer 3.2 and I’m on Mac, and I’m using an external DAC. This combination has worked fine until today. Today I have had to force Dorico to quit a few times when shutting down.

What happens now is that I get sound when I click on a note in the score, but when I start playback, the playhead moves but I get silence. The same is true if I swap to using the Mac’s internal audio.

I’m sorry if there are other threads that cover this - unfortunately when I tried to search for ‘no sound dorico’ and similar things, the forum software told me that these terms were too common and I couldn’t search with them.

Many thanks


Have you tried checking the chosen interface and outputs in Edit > Device Setup? You might also try doing Play > Playback Template and re-choosing the NotePerformer playback template and clicking OK, to force Dorico to reload the plug-ins.

Thanks very much Daniel, reselecting NotePerformer did the trick!

best wishes