Audio problem

Hi all, please help.
I am a long time Cubasis 2 user and out of the blue I have had a problem recording audio.
I checked the headphones, not the issue, because I can play other tracks and hear them, but, can’t hear new ones until after I have recorded. They are recording, but I can’t hear them at all.
I see the signal in the Presonus Audiobox iTwo so that’s not the issue.
If I press the monitor button I can hear the guitar but it sounds really loud and then the recording level is low. Normally I plug in and I can hear my guitar as long as I have a project open. Help! I’m working on an iPad. Yes, I have made sure the microphone is turned on in settings and for cubasis. What the heck is going on? I tried a reset but nothing is working so far.

Hi Chritopherbroas,

Thank you for your message.

Do I understand the issue to be related to monitoring, which has changed for some reason?

From what I see on the PreSonus website, the iTwo interface has an Inputs/Playback mix knob, to set the ratio between both signals.
Is it possible that the knob has misaligned for some reason, leading to the monitoring issue?
In addition, having the guitar input knob enabled/disabled on the device will have a significant result on the guitar level too.

If required, here is a tutorial link, where the routing of audio devices in Cubasis is explained in detail.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.