Audio problems after cubase installation

Looking for help. After switching to cubase 12 and installing, I cannot play any audio from any media application. Windows media player says I have codecs missing and VLC plays with no sound. Ive seen that the interface cannot be shared somewhere but if I change setting si get no sound from anything. I’ve downloaded codec packs but still no sound from media player. Amy help would be great.

Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face: Few questions…

  1. What is your audio interface ?
  1. Switching from what : a previous Cubase version or another host ?

  2. Can you provide us a screenshot of the Windows Media Player message ?

My interface is Novation audio hub 2 4. I switched from FL studio and the message in wmp says basically codec not there to play the sound. I’ve done a syst restore from before I installed cubase and wmp plays fine.