Audio process and plug ins

I have just set up my system Cubase Pro 8, and while in a project, I try to open Audio to add effects, and all of the process function is greyed out, The plug function shows the effect, but when I try the pull down box from an effect, everything is greyed out as well? Has anyone had this problem. I am using a Mac

Not sure what your problem is here. You add effects in different ways in CB, depending on wanted result. Most commonly you will add plugins in the INSERT section that can be found on each track in the project window and in the mixer. If you open the mixer you will find a section there called Insert. If you open that you will see grey slots and if you click on them a pulldown of available inserts will show. In the project window you will se Inserts in the section to far left. You can also access Insert by clicking on the little e on tracks or close to the fader in the mixer. You cannot insert plugins on MIDI tracks other than MIDI plugins, but you can insert plugins on MIDI instrument and audio tracks.

Another common way to add plugins are to make FX tracks, insert plugins on the fx track like described above, and use the send function. The inserted plugins should all be set to 100% wet and you mix wet and dry with the send signal fader. This way is most common for reverb and delay, while the top mentioned way is for drive, compressor flanger, wah and so on…

For offline processing (Audio menu, process and plugins) make sure the tracks aren’t locked and that the files are on a drive you have write permissions for. You also need to have selected an event to process.

But just to be clear this is how you permanently add this process to selected events (well there is some undo) whereas if you just want to add effects to a track you would do as Rumdrum suggests and use the inserts.

I am having the same issue.

My audio-process-plug-ins are all greyed out. So i tried downloading a new plugin, it appears in the list but it is also greyed.

I used to be able to apply these plugins (REverence) to an entire event, now they are all grey. I am not using MIDI traks so that isn’t the issue. I just cant figure out why ALL OF A SUDDEN I can’t use these.

Did I toggle something on/off? I feel like it is something simple, since Cubase is still recognizing the plug in paths just fine. But something isn’t allowing those plugins to be used (they are 32 bit plugins)

EDIT: FIXED. In my haste, I forgot to highlight a single audio event before going to the plug ins. It was hours before I realized this, I am not worthy.