Audio processing advice, pls

Hello. I’m still learning Cubase (Artist 9.5). I’m puzzled by the Audio Process procedure. If you go to, say, Gain or Pitch Shift, a popup immediately opens asking what you want to do with audio: Continue/New Version/Cancel. If you Cancel, you’re back where you started. If you click New Version, all the parameters for adjustment disappear. And if you click Continue, the audio is immediately adjusted with the last set of parameters you input, without asking you about it. I found this hard to understand.
But worse, this popup got annoying. So I clicked “New Version” then “Don’t ask again”. The result is that the edit box now opens every time but displays no editing parameters at all. Just a bin sign and a list of previous processes. (See attached screenshot)

I can’t find anything about this in the manual. Can someone advise me how to use this function properly pls.


This Continue/New Version/Cancel message comes in only in case, you use the prcessed Audio event (or part of the same Audio File) multiple times in the project. If you do so, then:

  • Conitnue: All instances of the Audio file will be processed by the chain you setup. So even if you use the same source file in the project later (or before), the process will be applied to those other instances too.
  • New Version: CUbase creates a new version of the prcessed file, and the process will be applied to this new version only. So the other instances of the (source) file stays untached.
  • Cancel: Nothing happens.

If you should see this message (so multiple instances of the file are used) and you don’t see it, check your Preferences > Editing > Audio > On Processing Shared Clips. Make sure “Open Options Dialog” is selected here.

Dear Martin, Thanks a lot for your advice. Now I’m back to where I was before. But can I ask another question…
When I choose either Continue or New Version, then the program goes straight ahead and does the process with the parameters that are already there from last time. I’d like to set up new parameters before the processing is implemented. Is this possible.
Also, I’m surprised about how little detail there is about audio processing in the manual.
Thanks again for your help.


I’m the Disc Offline Processor window, there is the check mark Apply automatically in the toolbar. Disable this option. Then you can always tweet the parameters first and then click Apply button when you are done.