Audio Processing Load Meter

Hi All,
I’m curious about this meter. Is this based on the computer’s processing power, ram or front side buss? (or all)
I was contemplating installing more ram if it would give me an advantage on the audio processing load. I have 8G and planned on upgrading to 16G.
Thanks for your thoughts.


It is an ASIO time meter. Kind if a combination of CPU processing speed and drivers/buffers performance.

Adding RAM is unlikely to give you more processing headroom. Check your RAM use in the o/s performance meters while running a busy project. If it’s maxed then add RAM, if not there is no point.

Go into task manager, then click resource monitor, this will graph your memoy usage as you launch and run Cubase. Any shortage of RAM will be obvious.

Ok, thanks for the hits. You probably saved me a good bit of money. I’m still running DDR2 ram and it appears to be 4x as much as DDR 3 & 4. Go figure.

RAM performance has very little impact on DAW applications, I’d take 16Gb of slow RAM over 8Gb of fast RAM everytime.

DDR2 probably isn’t manufactured in huge quantities any more, and old stocks in high DIMM densities would have cost the supplier a lot of money!

That is certain. It’s the reason I’m upgrading my MB, processor and memory. I can get DDR4’s at a quarter of the price of DDR2’s at the same speed.