Audio Punch Recording Help Please

quick question on the operation of audio punch recording.

Straight forward, set up punch points and do a take,…but must I UNARM the track every single time I wish to listen to the playback?

It would appear so, because hitting play (NOT record) on the transport will automatically punch right over the just recorded take.

I must be doing something wrong because this is very cumbersome.

Any advice on operation? I want to use punch record without constantly having to unarm the track to listen back to a take

Thanks in advance.



Yes, your have to disable the record enable in the track or disable the Punch In, if you don’t want to punch anymore. There is a preferences, and the Punch could be disabled automatically after the Punch Out.

Thanks for the reply Martin, Yes, I’ve tried “disable punch on stop” in preferences,=.

This is the same issue, then I need to renable punch for each take.

This may be a stupid question, but why couldn’t steinberg make it so that,…if I have punch points set up it will only record when I actually hit the record button, NOT playback?

poorly thought out in my opinion


"Punch in/out is a recording technique used on early multitrack recordings whereby a portion of the performance was recorded onto a previously recorded tape, usually overwriting any sound that had previously been on the track used.[1] The erasing and/or recording heads had to be very carefully aligned and applied to the tape surface with delicate timing and precision to avoid ruining the recording, and the practice was feared by most producers and engineers.

After the advent of 16- and 24-track equipment it was no longer necessary to risk the recording as a whole, as an empty portion of another track could be dedicated to such use. Vocalists in particular would usually record several renditions over separate parallel tracks, with the producers choosing the best bits from the layered vocals to mix together. The term “punching in” remained in use despite this fact."

Thanks for the definition of what punch recording is, shanabit.

My question was involving not WHAT it is, but WHY it,…RECORDS on playback, when it should be designed just like a Multitrack tape recorder.

Which would NOT record if you were listening to a playback. It SHOULD record with punch points ONLY if I hit the RECORD button.
It would be a great feature if after a punching I didn’t need to disarm the track to listen to what was just recorded.

IF you set the prefs you have the same thing as a multitrack. BUT this thing of having to record enable verses playback is kinda wonky as you have said.

I agree with you BTW. As a workaround I use loop mode recording or I use a pedal to punch in and out of record

Cubase punch in is set to RECORD from the punch punch unless you disable it. This sound like a great feature request BTW

I know, it gets confusing sometimes with recording preferences and taskbar functions overlapping?

But you can set the punch in disable after stop in the transport bar settings. That way it will automatically disables the punch in after you hit the stop button and it will automatically disable monitoring so you can play back the track.I think it’s called something like ‘disable punch in after stop’. Sorry not at my studio computer right now so I can’t check the absolute names and locations. But I for sure know it can be configured the way you requested!

Steinberg manages monitoring, punch in and record modes differently over three places. Preferences, taskbar settings and audio/midi record modes. And I couldn’t agree more that it’s not really a logical workflow. They should try to group those items into a more logical workflow. Maybe under one menu? A right click on the taskbar (maybe a right click on the record button?) showing all those functions would have my preference. Because if you want to record something you always start at the taskbar and at the record button.

Thanks for the input guys, I do find this annoying because i’m the engineer and doing the playing as well

“Deactivate Punch in on Stop” which does the same thing as “Punch In/Out” on transport bar

This is even worse because you have to RESET PUNCH POINTS whenever you hit stop. WT?!

Steinberg, what are you thinking here?..I’m not sure how this enhances workflow


Some competitors have it like this. As it is in Cubase, you can decide, if you want to Record or Punch.

Yes, quite a concept.

Hit playback and your tracks playback, hit RECORD and they will RECORD.

I worked on all tape formats and there was never a “feature” like this that would wipe your track on playback because it was record ARMED. This “feature” is a nuisance not a workflow enhancement.

Now for a really basic question… where do I find the transport panel settings? I see the ‘setup’ button which doesn’t have that option…

This is for Artist 10.5


Do you mean Preferences > Record?

There we go, thank you!

Hi Martin,

Did the very logical, reasonable, helpful, enhancement proposal in this thread even get out of this thread to the requests list inside Steinberg?

Or does Steinberg just ignore such well thought through suggestions?

It seems this should at least be an option in the preferences, if not the default MO.

Why would you knowingly leave the situation unresolved?


Please add the Feature Request tag.

How? No visible tag command here.


It’ probably because of Cubase 10 tag. Create a new thread, tag it Cubase 11 and Feature Request, please. Then you can link this thread, of course.

OK will do. Thanks