audio quality of vocal harmonies

I should just test this but wanted to throw this out there: my audio quality of Cubase generated harmonies and certain pitch corrected vocals is nowhere near as good as what I hear on the tutorials. It just sounds warbled and garbled (the harmonies). I mostly record projects at 44.1, 24 bits since they usually end up on CD or MP3, AAC. But would going to 48 or 88 help in this regard?
Of course I understand this is just more of an effect- any serious harmony should be from the singer but wish I can get it to sound better.

I Think it works quite good. I tried it today without Reading from chord track. Just took a sample > create harmonies. changed a Little bit in sample editor. Have a listen.

Have you tried all the various Pitch Shift presets? Some are more suitable than others. Don’t forget that you need the Formant options to prevent the ‘chipmunk’ effect.

Thanks for the audio- sounds good there. Using Elastique pro pitch does help.

Are you original files nice clean recordings? Noisy audio will always sound worse after a pitch shift.