Audio Quantize, what am I doing wrong?

I very seldom quantize audio so I’m most likely missing something obvious here. But I need to use it to clean up some guitar parts, and can’t get it to work.

I watched this video just to refresh myself on how this is supposed to work. (cued to the pertinent spot).

Seems easy enough, but when I replicate the steps in the video the audio doesn’t change at all.
Attached is a gif showing a failed attempt at quantizing

Is it a 32bit audio file? I found out yesterday that I couldn’t get this work on one at that rate and had to convert it to a 24bit one to work.

OK, that got a bit strange. This Project has (actually it did have but I didn’t know it at the time) 32-bit files, so I thought this should work. I rendered a Track to 24-bit and it quantized just fine. But then I went to the Pool to set the new file to Musical Mode and noticed that I’d already converted all the other audio to 24-bit when I first resurrected the Project. So none of the files are 32-bit.

Still none of these ‘original’ 24-bit Tracks will quantize. So I suspected the 32-bit-ness didn’t matter since I had 24-bit files that wouldn’t quantize but if that same file was rendered into another 24-bit file it will quantize.

So I built a little test case with a VSTi, 2 bars of four 8th notes each slightly off of the beat. Then I rendered this as both 24 and 32 bit. Both of those quantized fine. I also checked to see if having Musical Mode on or off mattered. It didn’t. I played around with this test rig a bit and could never get audio files that would not quantize. So…?

Probably time to fire up Melodyne.

Have you tried bounce or RIP to get fresh copy’s of the problematic files ?

Yeah RIP worked per my previous post. But (let’s call them) the stuck files were also rendered about 10 days prior from a bunch of comped files. And not manipulated since then.

Anyway as long as it is just these specific files, I can deal with it.

In my OP it seemed like I couldn’t get any audio files to quantize - so I figured I was not doing something right. I’m more concerned that Audio Quantizing works in general (and that I know how to properly do it) rather than with these specific files.

This has happened to me also, I gave up finding the reason and just bounced.
I had to finish the project quickly and never revisited it, the files were imported from omf, so I figured that could have been the issue.
But I gues that was not it.