Audio randomly dropping out (Win10; Laptop; C9)


im experiencing some random audio dropouts on my Windows 10 laptop.
Im doing some general editing, track making and very minor mixing on the laptop.

What are some places i should look at to fix this problem?

System & Setup:
OS: Win 10
CPU: 7th Gen i7-7700HQ (2.8GHz/3.8GHz) Quad Core Processor
GFX: Nvidia® GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 VRAM

C:/ = M.2 SSD
Project = internal SSD
Library = external 7200rpm Lacie drive ( USB 3.0 > USB-C 3.1 hub > Computer)

NO audio inteface (using ASIO4ALL with generic laptop I|O)


  • Optimized Laptop through guide.
  • My “Average Audio-Processing Load” and “Disk Cache Load” meter is normal when the drop out is occurring
  • Ran LatencyMon for 15mins during project playback (audio dropouts were occurring) with no problems.
  • Removed Lacie drive from hub and into USB3.0