Audio randomly stopping on new iPad Pro

Hi new to the forum. Just bought a new M1 chip iPad Pro primarily to have a capable mobile studio that I can take on the road. Things have really moved on since my last iPad (ten years ago) and the power of this thing is incredible with Cubasis 3. Being able to run Fabfilter and Moog plug-ins and record bass and guitar through Bias FX is unreal on a mobile platform.

My only major gripe is that the audio occasionally just stops for no apparent reason. I have tried opening a new blank project, shutting the app down and reopening etc, but the only thing that temporarily fixes the issue is turning the iPad off and on again. I am only running Cubasis 3 and it happens regardless of how many plugins I’m running.

Has anybody else encountered this issue and have any suggestions?

I have experienced this with some plugins. But never with cubasis itself or their own plugins (or waves)

But I have some issues with other plugins. I ended up just replacing them for similar ones.

It happens sometimes with no plugins in a project. Very frustrating

Ok I didn’t notice that.
I’m running a Behringer umc18/20
It could be an interface problem did you test it without interface or another ?

I know it should work but it can narrow down the problem most of the times.

Hi @brianlatham1977, Hi @frankdoorhof,

Thanks for your messages, hope you’re well.
Please let us know what iOS version do you use!


I don’t have any problems and my iOS is always up to date.

It could very well be the interface and I found that some dongles don’t play nice with the iPad. So it could be a few things. That’s why I opted to test it without any interface connected and only the internal FX.


Yeah at the minute I’m only using it without interface just to fully learn the system, it was happening with and without stock plugins. iOS just updated so am hoping that might have fixed it but haven’t experimented long enough to fully answer that yet. Thanks for your input it’s much appreciated

Ok than I don’t know
Without interface it should just work especially with the stock plugins.