Audio record replace modus

Maybe a stupid question, sorry. Is there no record-replace modus in Cubasis when I want to correct only a few seconds of an audiotrack (punch in/out)?

Hi, there’s a Rec Mode button on the upper right corner of the app.
Use the L and are markers to set the section you want to punch in and in the Rec Mode turn on In and Out.

That should do what you want!

Thank you very much for your answer. I try to describe my “problem” again.
For example: I do a recording from bar 3 to bar 7. L locator set to bar 3, R locator set to bar 7.
Now I want to correct only bar 5. L locator set to bar 5, R locator set to bar 6. Punch in and out.
Now when I have recorded bar 5 again, I hear the old recording AND the new recording in bar 5.
The old recording in bar 5 was not replaced by the new one. That is my problem.
Sorry for my english - I hope you understand my question. Thank you!

Yeah, it won’t replace the old clip/event, it just records another one on too.
But you can manually select the old event and ‘split’ it at both the in and out points, then erase the part you don’t want before recording it again. Split can be found in the tools bar.

Thank you, bry, for your answer! SAD News, especially when you are standing in front of a choir and have to correct a few little passages by dropping in and out.