Audio recording aborted, the disk is full!

Hello everyone! I need help guys, when i press the record button this message coming: ‘‘Audio recording aborted, the disk is full!’’. The problem is that my disk isn’t full. Can you give me a solution?

hi Spyros - welcome to the Steinberg Forum

we probably need more details - mac/windows would be a good start

i have windows.

I use cubase 10.5 pro

is that the latest version of 10.5?
does this happen on every project or just one ?
have you tried running cubase as administrator (right click the cubase icon and ‘run as administrator’)

Oh yeah it was the administrator thing… Thank you man. I appreciate it!!

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Do you have only one hard drive in your computer?

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I have a 250GB SSD and a 1TB HDD

But its okay i fixxed it!

What @Dr.Strangelove suggested was to identify the cause.
You should not run Cubase as administrator in normal use.
This might mean it is due to write permissions on your disk.

What do you mean in normal use?

Normal use is your use.
I mean Cubase should be ran as administrator only for testing or identifying issues.