Audio recording - female speaker

Hi there,
I am wanting to edit a track that is a public speakers audio voice, so it is just words really, no music.
When I start a new project in Cubase LE6, I don’t seem to be able to have a project that is just the spoken voice.
Also the track presets are set to male vocal and I don’t seem to be able to find a preset for a female, any ideas where I can get that?
Are there any quick startup guides for cubase?

??? What do you mean by that? Create a project, import your audiofile - go.

Use your ears and edit the file the way you want it. A general preset might never do what is needed in your special case anyway. And if you have no clue, what you want to edit in which way, you maybe shouldn´t edit at all.

I have Cubase LE4. If I start Cubase up and click on ‘new project’ a window comes up and gives me choices. One of the choices is ‘default’. If I click on default, a one track project comes up. Then click on media, open pool window and then import the file which is your female spoken voice file and drag it into that track. Listen to that voice and adjust and process it. Don’t be afraid, the program only VIRTUALLY affects the file, so no edits will change the original file. Use undo if you don’t like it.

The link will show you the ranges of different instruments, including voices.

Good luck!!

Also, Cubase does not include a spectrum analizer for looking at the frequency response of you output signal. If you go to Spectrum Analyzer by Seven Phases - Analyser / Monitor Plugin VST you can download a spectrum analizer. Install it and put it into the master out insert. This will help you see what you adjustments on you spoken voice is doing.

Good luck !!

You can also click on help>documentation>getting started on your top menu.

It seems like you are new to home recording. There are many places on the internet you can get advice, from beginner to advanced. One such place is

Good luck !!

Hi There, that is very helpful thank you, I was a bit concerned when I opened the WAV file and her voice sounded slow and like a male, yes I am new to this so all advice is gratefully accepted.
thanks once again

You know, now you have me thinking of something else. Remember the old days of turntables and records? Do you remember what happened when you played a 45 rpm record on 33-1/3? It sounded SLOWER and LOWER! Is it possible that your female spoken word file is sampled at 44.1 khz and your project sample rate is 48 khz? That would, in effect, do the same thing as the turntable at a lower speed. Check it out.

Good luck !!

Actually in that case it would sound higher and sped up, like a turntable at higher speed. It´s vice versa - The file´s samplerate is higher than the project samplerate.


your right, I guess I’m dyslexic ~ LOL