Audio Recording Hiccups

I have cubase 9 pro and recently update to the newest update. I noticed that now there is a problem occasionaly when recording vocals. The audio will play back normal and after sometime the audio will start to drop out. What i mean by “audio dropout” is that random silence will occur when there should be audio playback. For example, if a person records the word “play” it will playback the “Pla”. I do not have any plugins or cpu overload while these occurs. If i save the project and re-open cubase the problem sometimes goes away. I have recorded vocals for years with cubase and this is the first time i have encountered a problem.

I have a vague memory reading about similar problem - and something about a gate in channelstrip that was active.
So either disable that or increase pre-gain for that track(in mixer).

I figured out the solution. I installed the general asio audio driver accidently with the update and that somehow affected my avid duet 2’s driver. After deleting the driver via regedit, the problem went away.