Audio recording just stops...(now RESOLVED!!)

Hi guys,

I have a very annoying problem.

  1. Open a new or existing project
  2. Record audio track (always works first and sometimes second time)
  3. Subsequent audio recordings may flatline.
  4. Once this happens, you can try to record over & over however it will not record unless you save the project and re-open.

I can see the LED’s on the Lambda still lighting up to my singing but for some reason it does not get from there to cubase. Could be a driver or registry error?

Microphone: SE Electronics ‘SE 2200 A’
USB Audio / MIDI interface: Lexicon Lambda
PC: Windows XP 1TB RAM
Cubase: Studio 5

Appreciate it if anyone can offer any advise.



More info:

Cubase V5.5.2 Build 637.

I had the original Cubase 5 bought from the shop, had the same problem then when i upgraded via download, problem continued to exist.

Haha think i fixed my own problem!

For those with same problem:

Devices Menu -> Device Setup -> VST Audio System -> Release Driver when Application is in Background

If the box is unchecked, check it, apply and ok.