Audio recording like Cubase 5

I posted about this before a few months ago but I didn’t get a response so here goes take 2!

Speaking of takes, I hate how C6 behaves with looped recording, I don’t like how every take is stacked on one another after recording, I like to cut and paste and move things around and when I have to go back and delete 10 bad takes underneath. I preferred it in C5 and before where it was just one audio track. If I wanted to view all the takes I could click a button and change my view. I’m starting to dislike this trend in C6 where the need to click buttons and change settings has been eliminated and Steinberg just assumes that I’ll love to work the way they want me to.

I’m probably missing a very simple setting in preferences that’ll fix my problems for me, but until I find it, I’ll be mad at someone else… :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile: