Audio recording problem

I just today releasied how to change from Generic Low Latency Driver Setup to Yamaha Steinberg USB Asio as my Audio Device and I have managed to settle the audio buses for Stereo in 1 and 2, so that now when I record audio with my MoxF6 I see and hear what I am playing while I’m recording. However, I cannot hear what I have recorded afterwards. I can see small evidence of noise having been recorded, but when I try to play back there is no audio at all. Also, the blue meter is dead. Both the monitor button and the red one beside it are activated.

I have been going through this article (MOXF BASIC AUDIO RECORDING PART I (, after having many problematic hours in Cubase. However I don’t quite understand the passage that I am quoting here; I suppose this might have something to do with the problem I have. I don’t understand how to switch my direct monitor on.

Here goes:
"If the TAN Monitor Speaker icon is activated, audio that is returned from Cubase will arrive back in the MOXF and pass through the SLIDER labeled “DAW LEVEL”. You will not need to monitor this audio because you have selected MONITOR DIRECT. (The DIRECT MONITOR SWITCH = ON). On the MOXF6/MOXF8 lower the DAW LEVEL slider. It contains audio after (called “post”) it has traveled through Cubase. If the TAN icon is active and the DAW LEVEL slider is up, you will hear a doubling of the signal - as you are hearing both the DIRECT MONITOR and the DAW Return Level. During record, in most instances, you really only want to hear yourself “direct”.

I haven’t tried to continue reading anything after this segment, because I reckon it’s all valueable information.

Thanks in advance!

Deactivate the red record enable and blue monitor functions on each track to hear what is recorded.

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