Audio recording - Same names are given to different files

Has anyone noticed even if you “minimize” a file another file can be created with the same name?

It is leading to invalid references which take multiple clicks and finally (x) to remove and when a project is reloaded it is referring to the wrong file.

Can someone please confirm?

What do you mean with “minimize a file”? A project?

Thanks thinkingcap.

Here is an example:

1 file is in record mode, the other is in playback mode.

How is it two files can have the same name when neither are in the trash?

If I’m not mistaken those file have no name?

I would think then that the file is called (blank) and then the take number is appended.

Thus you seem to have seven files with the same name i.e “no name” with the track take number. This would allow the same number to be added in certain circumstances.

Best I would think to Name the files before recording.

hi Split

Files except for those with “R” have been in the pool prior to recording another take so they are valid file references.

The problem occurs if I don’t rename later recorded files prior to closing the program, so the question I am asking is why is this situation allowed to occur in the first place?

Well, I don’t know :laughing:

But one thing I did learn very early on was always to name files prior to recording, saves a lot of confusion later on!

Hi Split

I am assuming you are talking about naming tracks prior to recording audio.

Personally that is not so feasible since I am recording the output of a module and often I have to come back again and do it over many times as other parts change, ie MIDI so I just use what is “inherited” from the system.

What I have is a track for general recording that is not assigned to any bus and I can hear the module while it is recording via direct monitoring, eg non ASIO output.

Once I have recorded a part I then drag it to a track where I have dynamics processors already “patched” and that is the end of the story except of course for this archaic or arcane file system in Cubase.

After I have recorded everything I go to the pool and first delete any unused media, then I minimize all remaining files but the problem is that often there are references which are the same and this can cause many and varied conflicts as Cubase looks to one file over another and low and behold the wrong file is inserted in a particular section. :cry:

Thanks for replying

Did you ever use VST5… Now there was a bad file system :laughing:

Well since C6 supports removable media, I guess there is hope yet.