Audio recording sounds phased

Hey guys I’m trying to record my vocal and it sounds phased and sounds like a flanger was inserted in the track. It wasn’t doing that till 2-3 days ago. I’m using rme fireface with focusrite isa one and Neumann u87.
When I monitor the mic outside of Cubase it sounds ok but once it comes to the DAW it sounds flangy and phased.
Any thoughts and advise would be much appreciated.
Thank you!


Does this happen during the recording only? Or can you hear it even once it signal was recorded already and you are listening ht recorded track?

It happens both when I’m recording and when playing it back.

It sounds like the signal gets duplicated before entering the Cubase environment.
Are you familiar with RME’s TotalMix software? Please check there if you routed the dry signal twice to the same device.

I’m not sure how to do that? Can you please expand on that?

Certainly. I don’t know how much you use TotalMix for routing signals in the RME Fireface but in case you don’t do this at all:
Open TotalMix FX,
menu Options → Operational Mode,
switch it to “Digital Audio Workstation Mode”.

This basically switches off any routing on the audio interface. All routing will be done now by you in Cubase only.

Thank you so much! I’ll try it now and let you know

Still getting that phasing issue, it sounds much harsher on the highs and low frequencies are decreased

How unfortunate.

Please let us know

  • your OS
  • your edition of Cubase (Elements, Artist, Pro, LE, or AI)
  • the exact Cubase version number

Also a screenshot of the full MixConsole (not lower zone!) with the used Input bus visible and Inserts would be helpful.

So I was running on windows. I connected my rme to a Mac laptop and it worked fine. Connected back to windows and everything works fine now. I think my usb connection was the issue and it wasn’t connecting correctly to the computer


Thanks everyone for your time!