Audio Recordings Lag

Hi guys,

I’ve just decided to upgrade Essential to version 8 tonight and to spend a bit of time testing it. So I created an empty project, used a couple of loops from Agent One to create a short 8 bar of drums and tried to record audio - just a basic test.

Latency is not an issue while monitoring/recording. However, the audio seems to be stored in a buffer or something before it’s actually recorded into the project, so on playback, everything is a quarter note late.

Same issue when recording to a click with only one audio track active to record on.

I now remember having had similar issue with version 6,which is one of the reasons why I’d never worked with it. (If I’m not mistaken I had the same issue with MIDI tracks too. I’ve not tried recording MIDI in this version, though…)

I am by no mean new to working with DAWs (I started way back in the late 90’s) and I’m usually quite good at troubleshooting, but this leaves me puzzled.

Computer’s an iMac 2.7 gHz with 8GB of ram, audio interface is a Complete Audio 6.
OSX 10.9.5 (no wish to upgrade), latest revision of Cubase Essential.

There are quite a few very cool features in Cubase that I could use, but before I consider upgrading to Artist or Pro, I need to figure this one out.

Any ideas?