Audio registering on interface, Cubase not picking it up

I’ve been working on trying to figure this out for days now. Like the title says the audio from my instrument (an acoustic guitar in this instance, but I’ve also tried other guitars) is registering perfectly fine on my Scarlett 18i20 and I’m able to hear playback through my monitors, but Cubase Elements 10 is acting like there isn’t any audio coming through. When I click record no audio is recorded despite all of my connections being correct as far as I can tell (screen shot below).

The connections worked fine in this project up until a few days ago, and if I go into older projects Cubase picks up the audio like normal. I’ve reset the software and the interface multiple times now and double checked everything I can think of. Anybody have any idea what it could be?

Did you already try enabling the monitor button?
It is that little icon below:


It needs to light up for you to hear the guitar if you play it live. For the audio to be played back monitoring needs be be turned off again, like in your screen.

If you are not new to recording or have long-term experience working with DAWs, don’t feel embarassed if I ask this, as I do not know your background. Although many people start out with Cubase Elements first, some people DO work for it over long periods of time, if they have like a band and don’t need to shell out a lot of money for Artist/Pro for features they don’t need at all.

At least your problem sounds like it could be exactly this little thing :wink:

I had a similar “issue” after I just upgraded from Elements from Pro last year, where I really checked a lot of stuff over several days and just couldn’t resolve it first:

I accidently routed audio to the Cubase Pro-only Control Room (this stuff was very new for me then) AND the monitor output at the same time. This resulted to a 3-6 dB increase on the Mix Bus obviously, until I disabled the Outputs on the main outputs then, now only routing the audio through the Control Room correctly. I felt kinda embarassed having overlooked this rather simple thing first-.-

Yes, I’ve double checked that which further makes me think that there is an issue somewhere between the interface and Cubase because normally I’d only be able to hear my guitar through my monitors if I have the monitor button pressed, but now I hear it whether it’s pressed or not. Also, normally when I have that button activated I will be able to see the audio levels as I’m playing and Cubase isn’t showing any audio coming through despite being able to hear it through the monitors and seeing the levels on the front of the interface.

Also forgot to mention in my original post that I tried starting a new project in case this particular one somehow got corrupted and had the same problem. I don’t have this problem if I go back into older files.

I’m not positive, but it seems related to some sort of “direct monitoring” settings.

For the sake of argument let’s say that it is a direct monitoring issue. Why would that keep it from recording audio if my connection settings are the same as they’ve been on all of my recent projects that worked without issue?