"Audio renderer error, pls restart" report

I’d been looking for a user-friendly scorewriter with neither too few features nor total overkill, and I thought I had found something near-perfect in Dorico. So I installed SE for a trial, and that’s when I discovered the error that has brought me to the point of uninstalling the Prog and abandoning the trial unstarted.

I am well aware that this problem has been well-explored by many others before me on this forum and elsewhere, and by now I feel like I have read most of them and along the way have followed literally dozens and dozens of of advised steps, fixes and more but with no useful result.

I have also read up on the logic of the issue, which appears to make perfect sense, but applying that logic to reverse-engineer a fix has escaped me and I am now way too close to the problem and can’t any more see the wood for the trees.

So I would be grateful if someone more expert with Dorico can see the something-obvious that I am no doubt completely missing now, and could point me in the right direction.

My problem is actually pretty straightforward, but in the forest of queries/posts/answers that I have read I haven’t encountered someone with the same simple version, most were quite complex. Nevertheless much of the same thinking applied across the board, and I do have some understanding of potential reasons but so far no fix :frowning:

So my problem is simply this …

When I launch Dorico SE it hijacks my PC’s audio capacity. At that time there are therefore no system-sounds, no audio from websites/youtube/my music and video players - so I can’t listen to radio stations, my own albums … you get the idea.

When I exit Dorico all of these come back, most automatically but some - including a couple of my own websites where I have an autorun audio track playing on the landing page - have to be refreshed before the media can be heard. One time that failed and I had to Restart Computer, but on the whole that was not needed.

If, as a check, I have a landing page open with the music playing, and then I launch Dorico, then at the precise point it launches, the website audio halts as the PC’s audio system is hijacked.

Just to check the reverse, If I have Dorico already open and THEN launch my browser and some web-based music service - or even a website with landing-page music - the PC doesn’t hijack the audio back from Dorico but instead pops up that error report requesting a computer restart, which of course bumps Dorico off again but then the whole dance begins afresh when you then relaunch Dorico afterward to carry on.

So really, I could use Dorico if I accepted a one-or-the-other approach. But that would really crimp my creative flow right when it is most fragile already! “How did that perfect phrase go that took me three days to polish before I accidentally closed it down to check something because I couldn’t have them both open at the same time?” Not good!

But of course, right now I couldn’t use Dorico any way at all because in order to pick things up I will need to watch and then re-visit the how-to videos to learn my way around, which are of course redirects to Youtube and therefore will have no audio whilst Dorico is open, which it has to be in order to get to the vids. Ummmmm.

And even if opened direct in browser/Youtube instead, there’s still no system audio anyway with Dorico open and being worked-in …

So …

… instead of having only one or the other, Dorico-aud or system-aud, can I get both by configuring them together in some way?

Can ASIO & other function together, or is my liking for some stand-up whilst composing etc doomed?

If anyone can add some focus one way or the other I’d appreciate it, I think I’d like using Dorico if it can be done - and probably progress to a higher-level version in due course as it seems a pretty neat little piece of kit, but right now that’s looking unlikely.



Regarding the ‘Audio renderer error’, I hadn’t come across this before today, but seemingly it’s a common problem: https://windowsreport.com/audio-renderer-error-restart-computer/

For the problem of being able to use Dorico and Youtube (or other audio application) at the same time, see the Playback Troubleshooting video from 11’30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BcPJd92zqU&t=11m30s

Many of us do indeed use Dorico in conjunction with other audio programs, such as YouTube or Cubase.

For The Benefit of anyone with the same problem, finding this later


Thank You that has provided a solution.

The first of your links pointed me even more toward an ASIO issue, and then a later part of the video (12:55) in your second link picked that up and pointed to the fix.

To achieve it I searched on “ASIO” in Windows which found “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver V -x64.”

I clicked it open, and under “Card Options” I unchecked “Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control of selected port configuration.”

See illustration.

After a restart Dorico no longer interfered with other processes/programmes wanting to make use of the System audio, and other media now plays correctly. The reasoning is explained in the video if of interest.

Thanks for the pointer, Paul, it is greatly appreciated!