Audio Resetting to Default Every Time

I’ve checked the forums and maybe this has been asked before - perhaps I’m using the wrong words when I search!

I’m having trouble with playback. Every time I play in Dorico it resets all of the playback preferences. While it’s playing I can load a saved template and/or tweak the balance etc, but then when I hit play again the next time everything resets and I have to do it all again. This is a problem as it’s affecting exported MP3’s and also making it hard to check things when I play it back because some instruments are too loud/soft, and having to tweak the mixer literally every time is slowing me down a lot…

It’s probably an easy fix but… thanks in advance!!

Sorry to hear you’re having the problem. Where are you making your tweaks? In Dorico’s Mixer window? In the MIDI controller lanes in Play mode? In HALion Sonic SE itself? Somewhere else? What specific tweaks are you making that you’re finding are getting lost between one play and the next?