audio reverse doesn't work

I have an audio

I try to reverse it - nothing happens.

I have to put it on sampler track to reverse -I dont’t want that.

Why doesn’t it work ?

It works.

You have provided zero information that might allow someone to answer your question.

Best I can come up with is that maybe you did it wrong?

Are you using the Direct Offline processing menu?


I have an audio file. I click on it, I lick on the top menu “audio” I click process, I click “reverse” . It doesn’t reverse

It works.

What do you mean when you say you click on an “audio file”?

  • Create an Audio Track.
  • Drag the audio file from wherever to that track (creating an audio part)
  • Select the audio part, not the track.
  • Select Audio - Process - Reverse.

Audio is reversed.

It works fine here. Without any system info or any precise steps with which to try to replicate your issue, it may be difficult to help you

make sure you’re trying to reverse a event and not an part.

does nothing

Are you sure it didn’t work? The waveform in that event looks like reversed audio.

It’s a reversed sample … I tried to reverse a reversed sample, so I’m pretty sure it DIDN’T work since it’s still reversed.

All what happens is, that there’s a funny symbol appearing on the audio file

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