Audio Reverse Function Failure

Hi everyone,
I hope I’m posting this in the right section, but the Steinberg forum interface is confusing, with no posting categories list.

The bug I’ve found is, as the title says, that when selecting audio, & applying Reverse Audio, nothing happens, & the audio has not in fact been reversed.

I’m using Cubase 9.5 on Windows 10, PC (laptop). I’ll attach picture/video links to make my problem super-easy for you to understand (hopefully!). Also, you can check the description in the video to see where I’ve written additional things I’ve tried to overcome the problem.

Thanks for any help anyone - I appreciate it!


Could you please find the file in the Pool and then Reveal in Finder? Which file is used, please? Is it using the file(s) from the Audio folder or the Edits folder? Could you preview the file on the system level, can you hear the original or the reversed audio, please?

Hi Richard,

Check what Martin says and maybe you can try to use Audio → Direct Offline Processing and add the Reverse from there. Try and see if it works in that window. Also I see you add the process and then immediatly hit play… I tried it on a few tracks and had to wait 30 seconds for the process to complete before the process was processed :slight_smile:


This is exactly the same as to call the Reverse. But, it might be interesting to try.

Is the Auto Apply option enabled in your Direct Offline Process window, please?

Oh, the points you made were very interesting guys, and thanks a lot!

I think “Show In Explorer” is the same as “Reveal in Finder”. And their are indeed processed files in the “Edits” folder, & unprocessed ones in the “Audio” folder. I think this is what you suspected!
So I suppose now the question is how I get Cubase to play those Edit Folder files instead of the Audio Folder files.

I’ve tried the processes from inside the audio “Pool” window, which is no different. In the “Direct Offline Processing” window, after processing an audio part, it doesn’t change the main window audio, but the “Audition” button does reverse it correctly. I don’t think it’s a problem with waiting time, because I’ve tried waiting longer.

I don’t know what Auto Apply is, but I think after searching online, that’s for Cubase Pro only, & I have 9.5 Artist (mid-range price) version.

Sorry if this is a Noob problem and I should know better! So yes, the problem is, how do I get the Edit folder files working when applying effects? (The strange thing is I’ve never had this happen before in any other arrangements in the past!)


Thank you for the details.

Yes, you are right, “Show In Explorer” (on Windows) is the same as “Reveal in Finder” (on Mac).

Cubase should take the files from the Editor folder automatically, once you apply the Direct Offline Process.

I have just tried this on my side. If I apply any Direct Offline Process and then go to the Pool, the Pool still shows the path of the original (unprocessed) file. If I try to Revel in Finder, Cubase asks me:

The original file sounds different than the edited clip. Do you still want to open the original file?

Do you see this message, once you try the “Show In Explorer”, please?

To me, it looks like a bug. Cubase doesn’t link the correct file from the Edit folder. It would be great to find out, when this happens.

Hi, thank you for the reply!

I also find that all files in the Audio Pool show the Audio folder when clicking Show In Explorer, regardless of whether they’re the original unprocessed files or processed ones. None take me to the Edits folder.

The difference for me is that I don’t receive the message you get.

What’s strange is that when I first made this arrangement, I’m sure Reverse was actually working. It’s only after coming back to this arrangement weeks later that it isn’t.

OK, so now, I’ve created a new song (different folder, name etc), & recreated my arrangement. Now, in this new arranement, the Reverse process is working! Yay!

So the good news is that it’s working! But, as you say Martin, it still looks like there’s a bug here, which could re-surface in the future for anyone using Cubase. And I think the team need to look into this because although I was lucky in that I had a simple arrangement that wasn’t too difficult to re-create in a new song, another customer could find a huge, long-worked-on song of theirs has become corrupt - a song which could be very time-consuming to recreate the entirity of.

Thanks guys for both of your support on this anyway!


Would you be willing to share the project, please? Only one affected track and one audio file, please.

If yes, could your send me a link as Private Message, please?

Yes, sure thing mate! You mean give you the folder which contains the song & sub-folders? I’ve deleted all tracks except 1 in it, & it’s still nearly 50MB in size. I don’t know if that’s OK.

edit: OK, I’ve uploaded the folder to Google Drive, & sent you the link in a private message. Hopefully that’s done correctly!

(By the way, as some added information, the audio/music isn’t actually my own - it’s from an old Sega Megadrive/Genesis game. I’m interested in hearing the individual tracks from these old songs to learn from them, so “deconstructed”/“dissected” it using a programme called “RYMCast”, which takes a .VGZ (computer game music) file, & can output the individual tracks as .wav (etc) files. It’s these .wav files that I’m listening to here.)