audio routing from instrument tracks

It’s a while I haven’t tried this and I remember it wsn’t trivial or obvious:

I want to send the output of an instrument channel to another audiochannel, basically to record some instrument voices (specifically all FXs from one instrument) to be able to handle them as audio insted of 10 instruments.

Now I remember it was a kind of possible but nevertheless I do not remember as it isn’t obvious:
Why can’t I select an audio-track to have an instrument track as input?
How can I route the audio signal of a instrument track to an audio track to be able to record what I play, when I change voices/patches of an internal VSTi? (i don’t want to program that, but record it)

thx & cheers

OK… I think I’ve got it again:

InstrumentTrack --> FX Track --> AudioTrack

…or, more logically,
InstrumentTrack --> Group Track --> AudioTrack (although that amounts to the same thing :wink: ).
And you should set the output of the Group (or FX :wink: ) channel to “No Bus”.
Or you could route the Instrument track to a new Output track (leave its routing “Not Connected”), and set the input of the Audio track to this new Output track.

that brings me to one question:
Do you know why there’s a difference between input routing and output routing in the sense, that if I connect an output to an input (at least with cables) it doesn’t matter where I begin to connect. COuld be an output to an input or vuceversa,
Do you know why leave the output without route but just the input?
Doesn’t seem 100% logic to me…

I think it is just that, the way it is organized in Cubase, it would involve a dropdown Input menu of all the other channels in the Mixer… would quickly get unmanageable. At least, this way, it is just a dropdown menu of “summable” outputs (e.g. Groups etc.)