Audio samples lost in VST3SDK process when open Safari

  We use the VST3SDK to develop a panner plug-in. In the AudioEffect::process interface, we use the following method to determine whether sampling points are continuous:

Record the value of the last data.processContext->projectTimeSamples + data.numSamples. The value of the newly received projectTimeSamples must be the same as the value of the projectTimeSamples parameter. Otherwise, frame loss occurs and services are suspended.
This judgment is accurate in most scenarios.
However, on some machines (Cubase12+MACOS11+i3), if you open the Safari browser during rendering, there is a high probability that the process sample is lost. Is this the judgment method incorrect? Or is Cubase12 having problems scheduling the plug-in when CPU usage is high?
We look forward to your reply. Thanks.

you can activate the option “VST → Warn on processing Overloads” in the preferences dialog in Cubase/Nuendo. This will show you a dialog when the processing of audio is interrupted. This can have different reasons. One is that the system was not capable of filling the audio buffer in the required time.
If this dialog is not opening when you see this then something fundamental is broken in Cubase. Which I don’t think is the case.

If this function is enabled, the system prompts that the CPU is overloaded and audio is lost. Thank you very much for your reply.