audio send annoying volume

Theres a really annoying thing that happens when I set up an effect like reverb in the audio send. When I switch on the activate button the send volume automatically goes really high-something like 75%. Would so prefer it to be zero-is anyone getting the same problem?

You can change the default send level in preferences/VST.

Ive had a look where it says default send level and its at 0db

It’s a drop down menu.

Yes I see that and Ive tried all the different settings 0-6-12 and 00db but still the volume goes to around 75%. Ive also made sure I click apply. If anything I would have thought the 00 setting would neutralise it?

Did you try to restart Cubase after changing the default send level preference?

I’ve tried now and yes. Right after changing the preference it seems to use the old default for newly created sends.

Seems to work ok after restart of Cubase.

Bingo! Yes that seem to have solved the problem many thanks for your help misohoza :slight_smile: